They’re Killing Kittens?!?

It has come to my attention recently an epidemic that is sweeping our country. Animal shelters are being overrun with kittens this time of year and sadly they must be put down due to lack of resources. Orphaned kittens need round the clock care that animal shelters cannot provide in addition to having underdeveloped immune systems, the shelter environment is no place for them. They can contract diseases that could potentially kill them, but due to overcrowding and lack of resources over 1 million kittens and cats per year are euthanized. Lately I have taken in kittens through my local shelter’s foster program. I basically volunteer my home and love to a litter of kittens until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered and can be adopted.

Fostering is completely free and the shelter gives you all the tools you need to take care of these babies. The main advocate that inspired me to foster was Hannah Shaw or The Kitten Lady on social media. She has devoted her life to saving kittens and she taught me that you don’t need a lot of space to foster kittens. Boy was she right! I keep my two kittens in a play pen in my spare bedroom and they have plenty of space to sleep, climb, and play. They bring me so much joy and honestly there is nothing more rewarding than saving these kittens and know that I get to help them make it to their forever homes.


Fostering is one option for saving kittens but there are more. TNR or Trap, Neuter, Release is another program most animal shelters have. This helps set up humane traps in your neighborhood to catch feral cats and have them spayed or neutered and then re-releasing them into their wild homes.  This saves the lives of kittens because it helps the overpopulation problem. This program is just as important as fostering if not more. Always make sure to have your personal cats spayed or neutered always.

I did not want to come on here and sound too preachy but I do want to share my passion of saving animals and to share facts that I was never aware of until I started fostering. I had no idea that baby kittens were being killed just because they were too much work to take care of or they didn’t have enough fosters to care for them. I wanted to open people’s eyes to the issue and hopefully more people will be inspired to foster or participate in their local TNR program. I love my foster job because I get to play and cuddle with kittens and then give them back when they get old enough! It’s the best of both worlds!



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