Why Beachbody??

So recently I decided to invest in my health as you all may know from my previous post about losing weight. I made the decision to do a challenge and challenge group by Beachbody after meeting a friend on Instagram Ariel, I loved watching her stories of her workouts as well as the results she was getting! I knew for what I want to accomplish which is losing about 90 pounds that I needed to an intense workout program. I was inspired by her to commit and I joined her challenge group and purchased my supplies. I need the accountability of the group and to focus on my nutrition as well as the workouts.


While I waited for my package to arrive I started doing the workout program designed to get you ready for 80 Day Obsession which is called A Little Obsessed (ALO for short). I also met a coach friend of Ariel’s on Instagram as well named Molly. Now Molly was the most inspiring to me personally because she has lost 100 pounds doing different Beachbody programs and is currently doing 80 Day Obsession. Searching the result pages, it is hard to find someone who was or is as big as me doing these programs. So, it is disheartening to think maybe no one would really understand my personal struggle because they have never been over 200 pounds. Seeing Molly is what really gave me the motivation to make it through this whole week of workouts getting ready for the big program. I struggle with negative self-talk as well as terrible self-confidence so I tend to give up on diets and workouts because I think I can’t do it. So, when I finished the ALO program today I felt prouder of myself because I never gave up. Sure, I paused the program a couple times on cardio days because I felt like I was going to die, but I kept going and made it all the way to the end.


With all this motivation, I was inspired to become a coach for Beachbody. I know what you’re thinking, oh now she is going to try to sell us all stuff. Nope!  I became a coach because I saw the need for women like me, ones who are bigger and decide to join but have no one to really look up too. Because we all know those people who do the workouts on TV may have never known what it was like to be fat. I mean really fat to the point that you hate looking at yourself. I mainly became a coach for the discount if I am being honest (which I always am with you guys). I wanted the discount on the performance supplements as well as Shakeology, who doesn’t love discounted workout supplies? The second reason I decided to become a coach was to track my journey and be held accountable. I hope to one day inspire someone like me to make a lifestyle change and know that it is ok to struggle if you never give up!  If I happen to sign people up and have people join me on my journey great! If not that’s ok too! Like I said I am mainly trying to just be a role model for women like me and holding myself accountable to the world! So, you can either join me on my journey just by helping cheer me along, or you can even join me physically if you are so inclined! But as always thank you for reading and I will continue to post my results. If you want to follow the daily struggle but rewarding journey go head over to my Instagram account!


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