Our Love Story

With the wedding coming up this summer I figured I would take the time to share how Michael and I met and some of the trials and rewards we have faced together as a couple. We have been together for almost two years. Our anniversary is in May! We met in April of 2016 and most people are surprised to find this out, but we met online. Even though we did go to the same college we just never bumped onto each other. He super liked me on Tinder and I noticed he was Facebook friends with one of my best friends. So, I texted her to ask how she knew him. She told me they had gone to middle school together and if he was single I should snatch him up! We ended up texting for about 3 or 4 days before we decided to meet each other.

We had our first date at the Starbucks on campus and our little coffee date turned into a whole afternoon together doing homework, talking, and having dinner. I knew he was different than any other guys I had dated because after our date he told me he just had this great feeling that we were going to be a great couple. It only took another week for us to make it official and I ended up going to his graduation right after.


Things were going great for us in that beginning stage of our relationship and we told each other we loved each other after about two weeks (fast I know). But about a month into our relationship we took a tragic turn, Michael’s dad passed away suddenly and it was such a hard time for him. I was there for him 100 percent and helped him in any way I could. After that we both felt like our relationship got pushed ahead by so much even though we had only been dating a couple months. We knew by month three that we were going to get married one day.

Now after that we hit no bumps. In our first year, together we went on countless trips to the Bay Area as well as Disneyland. We also moved in together after nine month of being together. We adopted two kitties and had ourselves a cute little family. We chose to celebrate our anniversary as well as my graduation by going to Disneyland. Little did I know that would be the best trip yet!




On that trip, Michael took me to the side of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and proposed to me! It was magical to get engaged in the happiest place on earth. We got the gold star treatment from all the cast members and even got to have our own log on Splash Mountain which is Michael’s favorite ride.


Now in this second year together we have hot a couple bumps. I was hit with a severe trauma when I was in the Las Vegas Route 91 shooting. I have told that story on my blog before it was my first post. While I was still in the event space I sent Michael a last text in case I didn’t make it home and that hit us both hard. As I was running from the bullets I called him just to hear his voice and tell him I loved him. He could still hear the shots being fired on the phone. He was there for me just as much as I was there for him when his dad passed away. I think after that we both truly believed that we were going to be together forever and never get divorced. Once you have a life threatening experience you truly know what you value most.

After Vegas, we lost one of our fur babies to Feline Leukemia and were left with only one cat. After an amount of time we wanted to fill our hearts and home with a new fur baby and that is when we adopted our kitten Chip. Then Michael got his new job and we moved into our new place and you are basically all caught up now. Our love story is unique, but it is my favorite. We get married in five months and I cannot wait to marry my best friend. We will be buying a house shortly after and in a couple years we will expand our family to not just fur babies but real babies! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and the opportunities are ahead of us! Thank you for reading my mini novel lol and catch you guys later!



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