Fitness Progress

Since writing my last post about weight loss and trying to get healthy I had some setbacks as well as some triumphs! We moved which was very stressful and I spent most of my time packing instead of working out. So even though I didn’t gain anything I also didn’t lose for the month of January. I recently realized this when I was all unpacked and I thought ugh I want to get started!

So, this last week I came up with a great system for me to stay motivated and help encourage myself along the way without using food as a reward. I made a chart that I can add stars to when I work out for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or when I track what I eat and stay under my allotted calories for the day. I needed to do this to hold myself accountable every day and not just have weekly weigh ins and not know how I am doing throughout that week. I use a free app called Lose It to track my food intake and it tells me what my allotted calories are based on my weight, age, and how long I want to take to lose the weight. I have quite a bit to lose so I chose a year to give myself some grace.


Now with this new chart I mark stars each day, if I earn 10 stars or more during the week I get to reward myself by having one treat on Sunday, so I don’t go insane. If I do not get 10 stars then I don’t get a treat. That is for my short-term accountability. Then for my long term I have a chart taped to my bathroom mirror with my current weight on it and then all the numbers counting backwards until I hit my goal. Every Sunday I weigh in and if I lost I get to cross off the numbers until I circle my current weight. I am a visual learner/motivator so this really helps me and makes me happy when I get to cross out numbers and see my circles go down the page. Now every 5 lbs. are highlighted in pink and my reward for losing 5 pounds is an extra star on my paper. Every 10 lbs. I lose are highlighted in green. I get a big reward that does not involve food every time I get to a green number. This could include new clothes, a Disney subscription box, or even a trip! That way I reward myself with things that I would want to work towards without it being food to celebrate with.


I am a very emotional eater. When I am happy I eat, when I am sad or stressed I eat. So, to try to break my habits I thought this new reward system would be perfect! Now this is the first week that I am using this system and I have lost 3 lbs.!!! Now I posted my pictures of my charts and I am not blocking out the numbers because I am not ashamed of them! I am losing weight and i want to be accountable. So publishing this info will hold me accountable and accurately track and document my weight loss journey. I am so excited that it actually worked that it motivates me to keep going! Now I am not eating any specific plan or diet. I am making better choices but I can still eat what I want if I stay under my calories for the day. I can’t wait to continue with this new plan and hopefully hit some big goals by summer! Thank you so much for reading and I will catch you later!





1 thought on “Fitness Progress”

  1. Sam….I wish you success….I know the difficulty…I need more movement in my life to gain energy…..don’t let any setback discourage you, and just get going again…..wishing you well, and for myself too


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