Magic at Your Door Unboxing/Service

So, I had the privilege this week to receive my very special Valentine’s gift from my fiancé Michael. It was a One Time Only box from Magic at Your Door. If you are a Disney super fan like me this is something you need to know about! This is a Disney subscription service that basically takes items from the parks as well as other Disney licensed items. Which is an amazing gift for me because where I live in Reno, NV we do not have a Disney store and we are not terribly close to any park.

Thanks to Michael this month I got a box full of Disney magic! So, in my box were some amazing items! With this service, you fill out a survey to tell them all your favorite characters, movies, parks, rides, etc. So, each box is customized to you. I decided to do an unboxing video live right when I got the box so I could capture my honest reactions to my items in the box. Since it was a surprise it was literally like Christmas morning for me. I got over $220 worth of Disney merchandise in my box you guys. I will attach my unboxing video for you all to enjoy because just naming off what I got does not do this box justice.

I got ten Disney items straight from the park and I am in love with all of them. In my video, I named my favorite item which is the Beauty and the Beast snow globe that I received. It is a musical snow globe and it plays “Tale as Old as Time.” I flipped out with excitement because it was beautiful. Unfortunately, my excitement went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows after I was done filming my video. I broke my brand-new snow globe and sobbed for about 5 minutes straight. Luckily, Magic at Your Door is great and they are sending me a new one in my next box! To say breaking my snow globe ruined my night is a huge understatement.


Overall I loved my magic box this month and I cannot wait for the next month’s box to bring me Disney magic every month! If you would like to see my unboxing and everything else that I received in my box go ahead and click the link below! If you would also subscribe to my channel I would appreciate it so much! If you would like to go get your own box after watching it then I will also leave my link below to get your own box! This post was completely unsponsored, I just loved my box so much I had to share. I love all my followers on my blog and Instagram and my YouTube channel needs a little love. Thank you for reading and I will be back later this week!

Magic at Your Door Unboxing!

Get Your Own Box!



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