Settling In

It’s good to be back everyone! I am so excited that the move is over and we are settling into our new apartment! We were so lucky to have our supportive family and friend help us move. The help was greatly appreciated and we could get most everything in one day, including the kitties. We all slept in our new home the first night which was our goal.

The cats were happy about the new home but took a little time to adjust. Cedar was the one impacted the most. All the new sounds and surroundings were overwhelming but he is doing a lot better now. Chip took about an hour to get used to everything and then he was back to being his typical carefree kitten self. They both love the extra room and how they can run around more. We love it too because they bother us less at night!

This new apartment is a major upgrade from our last one. It is a two bedroom, two bath, brand new apartment with an attached garage! All the appliances are brand new and we have hardwood floors! To say I am in love with this apartment is an understatement. Our last one was like 20 years old and only a one bedroom. I am so grateful that thanks to Michael’s new job we can afford this little upgrade. We have decided that while we travel together over the years it made more sense for us to save our money before buying a house and stay here for a longer term. Since I love this apartment so much I am not complaining.

This post is a little shorter but I am including my apartment tour video so you guys can see it for yourselves! Please make sure to subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much for reading!

New Apartment Tour




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