My Top 5 Things To Do At Disneyland…

For those who don’t know me very well, I am obsessed with Disney. It is my thing, I just love it. My house is covered with Disney décor, my wedding will be Beauty and the Beast themed, and I plan on naming my children after Disney characters! Disneyland is my home away from home. It truly is my happy place. I have been 10 times in my life and one day I hope to become an Annual Pass holder so I can go all the time. I thought I could share with all of you my top 5 things to do while I am in the park! I have been missing Disneyland so much lately so writing this would help me with my withdrawals!


  1. I love to visit the Beasts Library in California Adventure. Now a lot of people don’t even know that this place exists. It is in the Art of Animation building in the Hollywood backlot section of the park. With my love for Beauty and the Beast, I can just go in and admire it for an hour. It looks like the library in the animated movie, every 5 minutes the lights change and thunder claps, then the lights switch off and the rose petals on the enchanted rose start to fall. It is like this and then magic zooms through the library and the lights switch on and the rose comes to life. It is truly magical.IMG_0264
  2. My second favorite thing is to ride my favorite ride in Disneyland. I love Space Mountain, it never gets old. The wind rushing through your hair because it goes so fast is unbelievably fun. If you have ridden it before you would know what I mean!Space-mountain-night
  3. The third thing is that I love meeting characters, especially the princesses. I would wait for an hour to get pictures with Ariel, Belle, and Rapunzel. I have waited longer before to meet Anna and Elsa, it was totally worth it. This can sometimes be a burden on whoever I go to the park with, but whether its Michael or my mom they oblige me. maxresdefault
  4. I must get a Dole Whip. This is the number 4 item on my list. If you have yet to experience a dole whip then you have been missing out. It is basically pineapple flavored soft serve and it is delicious. Plus, it is totally Instagram worthy. It can be found in Adventureland right outside of the Tiki Room. BBB77-Dole-Whip-Thumbnail-FINAL
  5. My last favorite thing to do in the park, well to keep this list short, is to take pictures in front of the castle. I think any picture can be great with Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the background. It is my favorite monument in the park and now it holds an even more special place in my heart because this is where Michael proposed to me last summer!IMG_0343


Now if I listed everything that I loved about the park the list would be never-ending.  So, I just condensed it to a top 5. I hope you enjoyed this list and if you love Disneyland as much as I do I hope you found this list relatable. Thank you so much for reading!

Xoxo- Sam


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