How to Upcycle Candle Jars!

For my first DIY post I wanted to share a trick I have learned lately in order to reuse my candle jars after they burn out! The trick is to get out the little bit of wax that is leftover. Then you can wash out the jar and use it for a lot of other things around the house! That will be for a later post. For now, we will just stick with how to clean out the jars.

Step 1: Start out by boiling some water, I use a teapot but you can just boil water in a pot as well.


Step 2: After the water is boiling go ahead and pour it into the candle jar, fill it about a ΒΎ of the ways so there will be space at the top.


Step 3: Now you wait! So, relax, watch a show on Netflix, dance around, or even clean your house! You will need to wait till the water has completely cooled off in the candle jar.


Step 4: When the water is completely cooled, there will be a little disc of wax floating at the top. All you need to do it simply lift that out and thee you have it. Sometimes you will need to do it again depending how much wax was leftover in the jar to begin with.


Step 5: When the wax is removed, you will need to scrape out the wicks that are stuck to the bottom. Most of the time these just peel off easily after being soaked in the hot water!

Step 6: Then once the candle jar has been completely emptied you simply just hand wash in warm water to get any of the burn marks off and you are good to go! You can peel off the label as well! They can be used for lots of different things, right now I am using one to hold my Q tips in my bathroom in a nice jar and I plan on doing a DIY video to make one into a glitter vase!



As always thank you for reading and I hope you find this post helpful if you love candles like me and feel bad when you just throw away the jar! I will be sharing more ways you can recycle the jar as I find uses, for now just learning how to clean them out helped me a lot. Make sure you share this post with all your fellow candle lovers as well!

Xoxo- Sam


3 thoughts on “How to Upcycle Candle Jars!”

  1. Also put your jar in the freezer. The was will freeze and it will usually just pop out

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