5 Things I Learned From My Pets

As I sit here relaxing tonight in my apartment I look over at my two kitties, Cedar and Chip and I just realize how much I love these tiny creatures. I never thought I could love animals as much as I love my boys. Especially my Cedar, he is almost 3 years old and I realized today that I adopted him almost a year ago! Cedar is the one that made me a fur mama and because of that he has a very special place in my heart. I would literally do anything for that pile of fluff because he does so much for me and has taught me so much.  Now you may think how can a cat teach something to a human? Well it can happen! I thought I would make a list of the 5 things I have learned from my cats alive and who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

  1. Love is truly unconditional.

No matter what I know Cedar and Chip love me. Even if I accidently step on Cedar’s tail in the middle of the night and we both have heart attacks. I feel like I betrayed him and yet he still comes and cuddles every morning even though I almost crippled him. Now Chip is only 4 months old but already he has shown me that he just a fur ball full of love. Even when he does something bad and I must spray him with water no more than 5 minutes later he will want to snuggle. Aurora was my baby girl, she was a very special kitty to me. I found her on my porch and decided she chose me to be her mom. She ended up having Leukemia and after 7 months with us it was her time to leave us. She taught me that love was unconditional because no matter how sick she felt or tired she always greeted me at the door when I got home and would reach up to me to be held and pet hello.


  1. Patience is your best friend.

You need patience to have a pet, or when you find that they scratched up your favorite shirt or peed on your shoes in the closet you won’t want to kill them. You need the patience to keep your cool enough to calmly squirt them with water and clean up the mess. Also with cats a lot of the time they do not want you to be around them. Cedar and Chip will lay on their cat tree in the living room to be near us but don’t want to cuddle with us. This is hard when you want to cuddle with them, so you need patience to wait until they come to you.

  1. Responsibility

There is no bigger lesson from having a pet than learning the true meaning of responsibility. When you adopt a pet, you are responsible for them, that little fur baby looks up at you and trusts that you are going to take care of them. When I took Cedar home for the first time I was hooked. Sure, I feed him and take care of him but he takes care of me more. Chip is a bigger responsibility. With him being only 4 months old he requires a lot of attention, we found out that he was not weaned from his mother so I have had to feed him kitten formula. Now when you add this into the mix that is quite a bit of stuff to do for a kitten, so it is a good thing he is too cute! Finally, I learned the biggest lesson of responsibility with my Aurora, it is the hardest thing to do to put down your fur baby. But that pet trusts you with their life and they believe in you to take care of them when the time comes to help them move on and cross the rainbow bridge. My Aurora was sick and we knew that it was our responsibility to help her by making the decision to put her down before she could suffer. That was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but it is a part of the responsibility of having a pet.

  1. They will always make you laugh

No matter what my cats never cease to amaze me with the crazy, funny things they do. It is the most entertaining thing to watch them figure out what things are. When Chip discovered the vacuum I almost died laughing with how quick he ran and how high he jumped. As well as finding them in the funniest places. I used to come home and find Aurora passed out in my hamper! She used to make me laugh so hard! Cedar always makes me laugh when he gives me looks, he is a very animated cat his looks could kill. I can always tell how he is feeling just by his face.


  1. They take care of me way more than I take care of them.

This is especially true for me, after the shooting I don’t know what I would do without Cedar. He truly is my emotional support animal just without the piece of paper. Whenever I feel anxious or scared I hold Cedar, we cuddle and he helps calm me down. He takes care of me when I really need it. I could never put a value on what he means to me, I would do anything for him. I feel like he does way more for me than I do for him and he does it without expecting anything in return. Now Chip also helps me, but he doesn’t know what he is doing. He is just a ball of love and will cuddle everyone.




I know I know, I am a total cat lady, I prefer the term cat mom. I think of my fur babies as my actual babies before Michael and I have real children. Even then, my kitties will always be there for Michael and I. Thank you guys for reading even if you aren’t a cat person I know many people feel the same way about their dogs or other pets! I hope you are a having a wonderful 2018 so far!



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