Vienna here we come!

I am so excited to be leaving for Vienna, Austria this week! Michael and I are running around with our heads cut off trying to get everything ready and with my busy VIPKID teaching schedule this week I have been fighting sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep is making me feel off and exhausted so I am going to go to bed early every night this week because I am so excited to finally be getting some bookings for my job, but at the same time I need to not be a zombie on the plane to Vienna.

Now in case you have never heard of VIPKID before, it is an online platform which lets me teach English to children in China from my own home, or wherever in the world I go! I love this job because the pay is great and I can teach literally anywhere with an internet connection. I stumbled upon this job after the shooting when I started to realize I couldn’t work full time anymore and I couldn’t focus to lesson plan at my current teaching job. I found VIPKID and learned that I wouldn’t have to plan anything and I can teach as much as I want! Then when Michael got his new job and we learned that we would become jetsetters I thought this would be the perfect way for me to make money even when I am abroad.

Now when you first start out parents do not book you as much as you hope. In my first month, I taught 11 classes. We are technically self-employed so it was important for me to advertise myself and just be patient. Now December being my second month, but first full month on the job I will be ending this month with 35 classes and I couldn’t be happier! Each week I am being almost completely booked and I am setting my goals higher and higher. While I am in Vienna my first week I teach 12 classes, I am so happy about the time difference because I don’t have to get up at 2:30 am I get to sleep in and start teaching from 11 am- 3 pm.

Now more classes are not the only thing I am excited about while I am in Vienna. Michael and I are going to see the sites and just enjoy our time there. Since I will be there for two and a half weeks I have plenty of time to see the city. We are also planning on taking a weekend day trip to Salzburg to do The Sound of Music Tour, which happens to be my favorite movie ever. That is what I am most excited about honestly, so you will probably see a whole separate blog post as well as a new YouTube video just on that tour!

Even though I am excited I am also very anxious/nervous. It is my first time out of the country ever. Being in a foreign country sounds so amazing but going somewhere new is also a scary thing. Especially when I am always dealing with the aftermath of the shooting. I am overly paranoid about large crowds or public places and so I am worried about having panic attacks across the pond. Despite being nervous I refuse to let that moment define my life and keep me from experiencing these life changing adventures.

New Year’s Eve will be hard. Fireworks are one of my big triggers. Hearing them takes me back to that exact moment because they sound just like the gun shots at the festival. I have been researching that Vienna is one of the most magical places to spend New Year’s and we are fortunate enough to be going to the ball at the hotel we are staying at. I do not want to miss out on some of the most beautiful fireworks in the world so a very helpful tip from one of my support group members will be my saving grace. Earplugs! I have gotten 4 pairs to be exact and will be packing them all just in case because that is number one on my packing list. Then I can just discreetly slip them in and enjoy the show without the panic attack.

Like I said before even though I am anxious, I am still so excited to see such a beautiful city and enjoy this trip. I just wish I could take my cat lol! I have officially started packing and I look forward to learning how to travel internationally and as well as flying home by myself for the first time ever! I hope to become a pro after visiting Michael all over the world. Keep an eye out for my future posts! They will all be from the beautiful Vienna! Ta ta for now I’m off to finish packing!






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