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December Birthdays Suck


Yes, I said it! Having your birthday in December sucks so much, well at least as an adult. When I was a kid I loved having my birthday in December, but my birthday isn’t just in December. Mine is on Christmas Eve, that’s right December 24th. Now growing up it was great, I got double presents and my family was sweet and always made sure to wrap the birthday presents in birthday wrapping paper and all my Christmas presents in Christmas wrapping paper. So, I would feel like I didn’t miss out on birthday things.

Now there were upsides to having a birthday in December for sure. I LOVE Christmas, I feel like having a December birthday helped with that a little bit. Which I am thankful for because I love this magical season and I am appreciative of all the fun things I got to do as a kid. We would always leave Santa a slice of my birthday cake instead of cookies, which meant a lot to me. I got to spend a lot of time with my family always on my birthday. My dad travels for work and he always made sure that no matter what he was home for my birthday and Christmas. I remember one year he drove over Donner Pass in a blizzard to make it to my grandma’s house for Christmas with all of us. Those memories are what makes having a December birthday worth it.

With that being said, as I got older it started to suck more and more. Now I am sure all of you out there who share my birthday month understand. You get one present from people, even when you get them a gift for their birthday and Christmas they give you one gift and say it’s for both. Everyone has been a culprit of this at some point don’t deny it, when it is a big item I am buying I too use the excuse that it is a present for both. The issue is we want it to be acknowledged that our birthdays are separate from Christmas. My second issue I have with December birthdays and mine in particular was that I never got a party on my actual birthday. Since it is a family holiday all my friends always had to be with their families. Along that same line, I never got to have my birthday parties outside, it was the middle of winter no one wanted to go outside. So, no summer pool parties for us December babies. Now as an adult I get to see my close friends on my birthday and I always have Michael, that’s cheating though we live together.

I still love this time of year and my birthday don’t get me wrong, but as I am sure every December baby knows there are downsides to having your birthday during the most wonderful time of the year. I just thought it would be a great time with my birthday only two days away to point out the flaws and jokes we all know too well if we were born in December. It is a special club to be a part of that is for sure. Thanks for reading and make sure to follow me to see all my new posts especially with my upcoming travel trip!




4 thoughts on “December Birthdays Suck”

  1. Hi Samantha! I just came from @rafstheticallypleasing to wish you a happy birthday and of course mery christmas! Looking forward to your new posts and hope you have a safe trip!


  2. My little brother was born on 9th December 2017 and my little sisters birthday is on 22nd January. She absolutely hates the date of her birthday and always asks to swap with mine (25th July!!). Although Jason was born on a snow day and Maya has had a few snow days so there is always a plus side! And cosy winter parties are always more fun to plan in my opinion 😀 X


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