December Pampering

With the holidays coming up everyone is at full speed between Christmas shopping, family issues, or work stress. Everyone forgets to take some time for themselves and relax a little and enjoy the season! There are a few things that I do to de-stress through the holidays that may seem simple, but they help me immensely to get through the season unscathed!

My first tip to relax during the holidays is to curl up while watching holiday movies (maybe one off my list) while lighting a festive candle. Candles are a fairly cheap way to relax, I mean they sell them everywhere from the more expensive Yankee Candle all the way to the Dollar Store. To me lighting a candle makes the room feel warmer and cozier, which helps me take some deep breaths and relax. You can even take it a step further and cuddle up with your significant other or in my case a cat or two. Petting my cats is always a good stress reliever!


My second tip would be to take some time for you and go pamper yourself at the salon. I love getting my nails done, it relaxes me and is the one thing I love to do that always makes me feel like I have my life together. I am finally able to start getting them done again after taking a couple years off and it is literally so exciting. You can get festive with it or add some glitter which is my favorite choice. Being able to chat about my life and just sit and have someone do my nails is one of my favorite ways to relax.


My third tip is something I have been loving to do lately! That would be coloring, as someone who suffers from anxiety I read on Buzzfeed that coloring can be very calming. I have been trying it this month and I have found it successful! I use an app on my iPad and color digitally so I don’t waste paper. Then I feel like I am saving my sanity as well as the planet. The app I use is called Lake and it offers a variety of different pages to color. I really love it though because of the feature that I can turn on that lets me color in the lines and it doesn’t stray away from them.

Finally, my last tip would be to do some at home beauty routines that can also double as relaxing activities. I personally love putting on a mask from Lush or a local company, Untamed Roots and draw myself a nice, hot bath. I choose my favorite bath bomb from Lush and let it fizz out in my bath. Then go ahead and go crazy and pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea and just take your time and relax. It is important to focus on yourself sometimes during this season of giving or there won’t be anything left for you to give to your family and friends!



Alone time is so important because it gives you time to relax and just reflect on what you have done already this season as well as what you are looking forward too. With Christmas only 6 days away it is important to cherish this time of year with your loved ones. Then you will create more memories for years to come! You may think pampering yourself during this time may have nothing to do with this, but I would disagree. Pampering and relaxing helps you be the best that you can be this season and if you are not mentally stress free you cannot give your family and loved ones the best holiday spirit possible! As always thank you so much for joining me in my own little corner and please follow me if you want to see more posts!


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