My Top 5 Holiday Songs

I figured since I made a list of my favorite holiday movies it would be only make sense to do a blog post regarding in my opinion the best holiday songs! Now I am not a very religious person and tend to lean on the spiritual side, so all my choices tend to be ones that are more fun and upbeat, instead of the religious ones. They are fine and I am not discrediting them in any way, I just personallyย  do not relate to those songs as much as the less religious ones. Alright rant over, let’s get to it.


5. “Where Are You Christmas?” by Faith Hill


This song is off of The Grinch soundtrack (which is my favorite Christmas movie). I just love how sweet it is and it has such a great message about the spirit of Christmas.

4. “White Christmas” by Michael Buble feat. Shania Twain

mb xmas

This song is just so catchy and I love singing along to it in my car!

3. “Believe” by Josh Groban


This song is from The Polar Express and even though I am not a huge fan of this movie I do love this song from it. It just sounds so magical and I imagine walking through the snow.

2. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Idina Menzel and Michael Buble


I love this song because it combines my favorite singer ever with my favorite Christmas singer ever. The voices together are beautiful and I literally can listen to it all winter!

1. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Idina Menzel


This version is my favorite of this song because I hate Mariah Carrey. This song is just so sweet and I have always loved dancing around to it.


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