My Holiday Home Decor

Hi, my name is Sam and I put my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving…. I know this might spark a debate but I don’t care! I love Christmas and the sooner I can decorate my house the better! Even so I do try to wait the appropriate amount of time after Halloween to start switching out the Halloween and Christmas stuff. I figured it would be fun to share some of my favorite home décor items that I have bought this year to decorate the apartment. It is Michael and I’s first Christmas living together and so I wanted to start collecting decorations that we could take with us in our future homes together. This year I was on a budget so I looked mainly in my favorite store Target. I found so many of my items there, but I also got some items from Walmart and Michaels. All my items were under $20 so it shows you that if you watch the sales and hit some Black Friday deals you can snag some good finds!


My first items I will be discussing are all my holiday signs! I am a sucker for a cute sign to hang on my wall, especially if it says something funny or has a favorite holiday song lyric on it. Right when you walk into the apartment you would see a sign that says, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” which is pictured above. I bought this sign at Michael’s on a sale for $6!


Then in my hallway I have a sign hanging that is a more romantic one. It says a few cute plays on words like “You Are the Holly to my Jolly, The Jingle to my Bells” and so on. This sign was also from Michaels and was a little bit pricier but still not breaking the bank. It was $20 and not on sale, I just thought it was so cute that I had to have it.


On my bathroom door, I have a sign that helps us count down the days until Christmas and since my birthday is Christmas Eve I also use it to countdown till my birthday! It was only $3 in the dollar section of Target. It came with a piece of chalk so it is very easy to count and it is just so festive!


On my mantle/counter area i have our stockings hung up! Mine is one I have had for a few years now and it makes sense for me. I love Disney Princesses and Ariel! Michael’s is a Darth Vader stocking we got at Target for about $5 and he fell in love with it. Hanging around the edge of the counter are vintage Mickey and Friends lights from the 90’s that Michael’s mom gave us and I had to hang them up immediately.


Moving on from Christmas signs we will go into the random décor. So from Costco this year I found a beautiful metal Santa that lights up! It was only $20 and it stands perfectly right next to my TV stand in the living room! The cats have had their fun with it as well and I was surprised to find out that it is durable. It has been knocked over a few times and have not broken yet.

I also have a little “Ho Ho Ho” sign right next to Santa on the TV stand to add a little festive touch. This I bought at Michaels for $10 and it is also very durable. Cedar (one of my cats) has knocked it off the TV stand quite a few times and it has not yet broken! Fingers crossed!


On my couch, I found two Christmas pillows that came in a pack from Walmart. For both it was only $10, I couldn’t believe the deal. They say “Peace” and “Love” on them in a very festive red! I hate my couch so whatever I can do to add something pretty to it I take advantage of.


I saved the best for last! The tree! Living in a small apartment I knew I wasn’t going to get to have a full-sized tree there was just no space. So, we decided we would get a small tree that we could put on our dining table to try to deter the cats from being interested. It worked with one but not both. We found a beautiful 4 ft. tall fake tree at Michaels for $19.99 on a massive sale, it fits perfectly on our table and Cedar has no interest in it. Chip unfortunately, being the little kitten he is wanted to climb that thing from the start. So now every time he gets on the table we squirt him with water and he will learn to be so afraid of anything that looks like a tree! I had ornaments from my childhood so we got to decorate the tree with those and I bought a few new ones this year to add to my collection. Michael’s mom was great and gave us a tree topper that matched my Disney theme!


I am in love with all my decorations and I am so excited to see how my collection builds and grows in the future as our homes get bigger. Thank you so much for reading and make sure to follow me! Also take a look at my YouTube channel for new vlogs every week!





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