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December Wishlist


Welcome back everyone! After careful consideration of my whole life schedule I have decided to do a new blog post twice a week! Every Tuesday and Friday you can come and see what’s new! To start this week, I want to introduce you to the main theme of the month which is Blogmas! Which is as you may have guessed a Christmas theme! I love Christmas and this time of year I always have and I always will. In the support group Gina and I found a few members who were not looking forward to the holidays. I think that is so unfortunate because the way I look at it is he (Steven Paddock) already took things from me and I refuse to let him take any more! I loved Christmas before the shooting and now it gives me something to be positive about and love after the fact. There has always been something so magical about the spirit of Christmas and I have never been very religious so I choose to focus on more of the magical giving spirit of the season instead of the religious entities.

My favorite traditions include putting up the Christmas tree, watching all my favorite holiday movies (save them for a different post), and baking all the wonderful holiday treats! This December I have a wish list of things I hope to accomplish since this is my first Christmas out on my own (meaning not at my parents’ house). The first being I wanted to decorate my apartment with certain décor that would last me in the years to come and then I can add them to my beautiful house hopefully in the Christmases to come. I have been lucky enough to find some key pieces that I am loving! I will be doing a Christmas home décor post this month as well! My second wish list item would be to support my new-found addiction to candles and fill my space with wonderful Christmas scents. I never really lit candles when I lived with my parents because for some reason I thought I wasn’t allowed to. So now I do it ALL the time. I am so obsessed there may even be a blog post about Christmas candles because I have so many.

Michael and I have already completed the third item on my wish list, build a gingerbread house! We built it and decorated it together and yes, we have already eaten it together…don’t judge. Here is what it looked like!



Isn’t it cute? Eh not my best work but to be fair we were rushed and completed it in between some of my classes that I teach. Which brings me to my fourth December goal, in case you guys don’t know I recently joined a company called VIPKID. Basically, what I do is teach Chinese children English online from my own home. It has literally been the biggest blessing, I work whenever I want and I can still work whenever I travel with Michael. I am trying to transition and make this job my full-time job, but when you are just starting out it takes a while to get consistent bookings. So, my goal for December is to teach 50 classes! I have already taught 4 this month in 3 days (would have been 13 but I had 10 no shows). Wish me luck! Finally, my last December goal would be to find the perfect gift for Michael. As some of you know I quit my full-time job after the shooting because I just couldn’t be fully committed mentally. Michael has been so amazing and with this new job he has started I am able to work part time and be a quasi-stay at home cat mom. The only down side is I do not want to use his money to buy him a Christmas present. So, I am trying to work so many VIPKID classes as well as a seasonal retail job to get him a wonderful meaningful present, that he doesn’t pay for! I have a few ideas and I will share the final product once Christmas has happened.


In the meantime, I am just enjoying the holiday season and all that goes with it! Keep a lookout for holiday themed posts all month long on my blog as well as my YouTube channel! Yes, that is right I am starting to dabble in the arts of video editing and vlogging! As always thank you so much for taking time out of your day to peek at my blog and I hope you have a wonderful December wish list of your own.


Xoxo, Sam


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